We Create Our Own Reality

An introduction to the meditation revealing "How we create our own reality"

In episode 2 we discussed happiness comes from within and how it is powerfully aligned with our ability to create our own reality. After releasing this episode I was asked to create a meditation so the experience could be deepened. Enjoy it as much as I did creating it!  

Two Quick Powerful Exercises To Raise Your Spirits And Lower Your Anxiety

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with life and it creates anxiety we find hard to deal with. I was asked by a lady recently how she could possibly do something simple to help her take more control of her life by lowering her anxiety to a manageable level, because it was taking over the quality of her life. After suggesting two simple yet powerful exercises to be used together she was ecstatic to report it not only had it changed her life, her fiance was also blown away by the change. So here they are and may they also bring a sense of lightness and joy to your life.

Happiness Comes From Within Podcast

 In this episode we will learn aligning with our purpose and making it a reality in the world, takes an expansion of our awareness and then the courage to change and own who we truly are. To see how our inner world affects our outer world and how to bring the two together and claim a union of our humanity and our divinity. We are all seeking to feel good in life and it has been a huge part of my journey to discover the truth about how our inner world affects our outer world and the quality of life we are living. Happiness comes from within and the realisation that we create our own reality through our thoughts and emotions is a powerful way to transform our lives. It allows us the ability to shatter old paradigms and begin to consciously create what we want as opposed to what we don’t want. In this episode we will do a quick exercise to see exactly how we really do create our own reality and how happiness truly does come from within, when we are awakened to it. 

Introducing You To Your Heart Podcast

Welcome to my first podcast where I will be offering the space for you to begin to tap into your own hearts purpose! We all have gifts to share with the world and when we connect to them through the heart and align them with the mind into a higher purpose the possibilities to experience connection, joy and fulfilment are infinite. Each of our individual soul’s blue print is beautiful, unique and when recognised through our hearts wisdom has the ability to create a positive ripple affect in our home, the community and the world. Our purpose is in the heart and in this short episode it’s a deep honour to help you remember just how important and beautiful yours is.